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May 6, 2015

McDonald's Reintroduces Hamburglar

Desperately seeking millennials

McDonald's reintroduces Hamburglar - Chicago Tribune


Anonymous said...

At least the true driving force behind the "Turnaround Plan" is unveiled! The man who is the driving force behind the stealing of my profits, my equity, my employees job satisfaction, my customers, Ray's dream as well as my sanity. Honestly the lack of maturity and direction that is coming out of Oak Brook these days is terrifying! I can't even begin to imagine how many cross functional team meetings they had to further destroy the brand!

Anonymous said...

Why not... let's see what happens and if marketing can pull it off worth shot!

Anonymous said...

Hamburglar is an appropriate metaphor for our franchisor.

Anonymous said...

I want my Franchisor to quit destroying the equity that we built up over the last 60 yrs.

This is not being "a progressive burger company". This perverting equities that took a life time to build. If Debra Whal & Joel Y sanction this it is time for them to Go.

Quit messing with the heart, soul and values of Our Brand.

Anonymous said...

An Opnad rep admitted to me that Deborah Wahl was looking for a new charity, other than the Ronald McDonald House, to be more in tune with Millenials. ANOTHER BLUNDER.

Anonymous said...

If you like McDonald's new Hamburglar, you're gonna love the new Grimace.