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May 9, 2015

Crain's Is Not Impressed

McDonald's turnaround plan needs supersizing - Crain's Chicago Business


Anonymous said...

Heres something solid that Easterbrook should consider in his "Turnaround Plan". Currently the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is embroiled in scandal over its sources and uses of funds. It is said that 85% of all donations go to salaries, overhead,and travel, while less than 10% goes to the intended causes or recipients. Perhaps McD should stop its collaboration with CGI. Certainly, if RMHC had these ratios of receipts to uses, it would be a HUGE scandal !! What say you Mr Easterbrook? Is a feel good left wing cause worth a scandal connection ??

Anonymous said...

Well put

Anonymous said...

From the website Charity Navigator: "We don't evaluate Bill Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
Why not? We have determined that this charity's atypical business model cannot be accurately captured in our current rating methodology." The result of Don Thompson's liberal legacy! Enjoy your $3,000,000 consulting fee(payoff),Don. You really earned it!