Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 25, 2014

Twelve Tips for Franchisors to Reduce Joint Employer Risks Under Today's Legal Standards | Davis Wright Tremaine LLP - JDSupra

Interesting Perspective From Law Firm



Anonymous said...

Sounds like an excuse for corporate to provide even less services to franchisees.

Anonymous said...

After reading the article, Corp is violating many items in a BIG WAY. As examples :
Number 4-Mandatory POS systems -McD control of POS choices, its software, and of E-Labor violate this .
Number 5- Training- McDs requirements and control of HU, regional training classes ,and franchisees need to comply with Standards ENFORCED by corp violate this.
Number 7- Mcd Manuals- This is clearly "top down" control", especially when noncompliance is used to rescind licenses.
Number 9- Pricing Controls- BIG violator here. Opnad, coops and REQUIRED National Marketing (and contributions and participation) leave McD very vulnerable on this one.

Anonymous said...

You forgot McDonald's Corp telling you to schedule for the "peak" two extra labor hours. Then the Business Consultant & Field Service Manager coming in and looking at the daily activity report and asking why your not scheduling for the peak. If that is not joint employer I don't know what is.