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September 8, 2014

Memo To McDonald's - New U.S. President's To-Do List

Thanks to the McDonald's Operators who pointed out this Seeking Alpha article by author
Denise Lee Yohn. She suggests Mike Andres should:

* Stop introducing new products outside the core menu.

* Stop courting the media when it comes to quality.

* Stop the retail bagged coffee.

* Start improving value perceptions.

* Continue streamlining the menu.

* Re-focus on families.

Memo To McDonald's: Core Execution Should Be On New U.S. President's To-Do List



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just look on the Internet, the general consensus is that the tainted beef and chicken IN CHINA, is also used in the USA !!! THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM !!!

Anonymous said...

She's not even an Operator and has a pretty good idea of just some of the things that need to be done.

As an Operator, I can tell you the restructuring of the financial statement to give us back 6-8 points is what the start point should be.

Nothing means anything if Operators can't cash flow.