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August 8, 2022

Self-Inflicted Salads

Most would agree that one of the best things McDonald's USA did over the past three years was to reduce the size and complexity of the restaurant menu.

So, while McDonald's Owner/Operators are making careful business judgments about what products and procedures to add back to the operation, there is a group of people trying to stir up McDonald's customers and risking a return to the days of serving products that sell eight or ten units a day.

Oddly, these people get their paychecks from Carpenter Street in Chicago. I don't know who or how many people handle the social media accounts for McDonald's Corp. I've always assumed it's a few interns who work from home in their pajamas and don't really answer to anyone.

But one thing is for sure, they are not in touch with what's happening at McDonald's.

Here's what happened. Someone got on the corporate Twitter account in April and simply posted, "bring back ______."

The Twitterverse knew what that meant, and the account was flooded with suggestions and demands.

And now, none other than the Wall Street Journal has picked up on a trend toward McDonald's salads.

The kids who run the McDonald's Twitter account are likely thrilled at the number of likes they've gotten, and they think it's a big deal for the company to be featured in the Wall Street Journal. This kind of discussion will likely fall into the "listening to our customers" category and become a major contributor to menu creep.

A suggestion? Pressure corporate to provide some adult supervision to the McDonald's social media accounts to ensure they reflect the corporate culture, not some pajama-clad millennial's idea of what McDonald's should be. (Paywall)

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Anonymous said...

bring back....
a limited menu with blazing fast service. I'm sick of waiting 4 or 5 minutes for a simple meal.

Anonymous said...

I think we do need grilled chicken back

Anonymous said...

Checking my records, my stores averaged 9 salads per day (we wasted almost as many) and 14 snack wraps per day. The only exception was when they were advertised. They killed service times. But I bet corp brings them back in a knee jerk reaction.

I sold more McRibs (18-22) per day without advertising yet Chicago forbids me from selling ribs year round.

This is what happens where you have people with no operational experience make the rules.

Anonymous said...

bring back.....


Anonymous said...

Bring Back Corporate Leaders that understand the restaurant business!
Bring back a Board of Directors that believes in a 3-Legged Stool!
Bring Back termination notices for Chris K. and Joe E.

Anonymous said...

I know some Co-Ops have brought salads and I have heard less than 10 per day, pack size is large and lots of waste. I agree with the post above about Grilled Chicken I would not be against it.

Anonymous said...

All owners should google California law called AB257. It’s about to pass the senate later this month. Your state could be next. How is this not on Fox News? I’ve emailed Gutfeld and Cavuto. Some predict a 30-40% reduction in profit per location in Ca. Yea, you read that correctly. Google it.