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August 16, 2022

Congratulation To Me - Here's My Award

Most business people have been exposed to organizations that exist only for the glorification of the group's members. I bought my first McDonald's franchise in a San Diego suburb that had just been incorporated. As soon as the new city name was set in stone, about 30 business owners formed a business association, and we began giving each other awards and plaques for our community work.

These self-recognitions sometime come under the umbrella of a Rotary or Kiwanis Club or the like. Do these organizations do some good work? They sure do, but the recognition keeps things humming.

So it's no surprise that a bunch of corporate CEOs would do the same thing for the same reason. Undoubtedly there are thousands of organizations similar to the group that is giving Chris K. his latest self-aggrandizing award.

The group is

The announcement is here

How do we know the Committee for Economic Development is a group such as I've described above?

The person introducing Chris K. at the banquet is John W. Rogers Jr. - Founder of Ariel Investments. John Rogers has an impressive life story and coincidently was a recipient of this same CED leadership award in 2021.

He is also a member of the McDonald's Board of Directors.

You may now commence rolling on the floor laughing.


Richard Adams said...

Scroll below the recipient bios to see the sponsors of this gala. Of course, they include McDonald's, Coke, Martin Brower, and many others.

Anonymous said...

What a conflict of interest!!!! A McD board member, trying to appear unbiased, giving a award to a MCD employee. The only thing Chris K deserves is a termination report! WORST MCD CEO EVER. Destroying the 67 year Franchisee relationship of the most successful franchise system in history. And MCD is a SPONSOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MB, Coke etc!

Richard Adams said...

The original Three-Legged Stool was * Corporation, * Franchisees, * Suppliers.

The Woke version is * Corporation, * Corporate Executives, * Suppliers.

Anonymous said...

While they are at it, give Joe E an award too. He recently stated (quote) "I just cant work with Operator Leadership." and "We are taking back the role of Franchisor". And the McD Chairman of the board of directors said " The operators make TOO MUCH MONEY, and spend too much time on the Golf Course!"

Three legged stool? HA!