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August 22, 2022

Commies on Carpenter Street

While we suggest McDonald's Owners cooperate with corporate on certain issues extreme caution is recommended overall. As for the political arena, you're kind of sleeping with the enemy.

Accepting political guidance from McDonald's corporate employees will often lead one down a left-wing, anti-business path. They can't help it - Hillary Clinton is their Godmother.

Take for example Executive VP Genna Gent. I'm sure she's an impressive and pleasant person, but where did she come from?

Prior to her five years at McDonald's Gena worked for the American Beverage Association. Her job prior to the ABA is her most interesting. Gena worked for the State of Michigan. Actually, her paycheck featured the state seal, but she reported to the then Governor of Michigan (2003-2011), Jennifer Granholm.

Who's Jennifer Granholm? She's currently the Secretary of Energy in the Biden administration. She's the lady you see on Sunday morning TV talk shows recommending that Americans who can't afford the price of gas should buy $70,000 Tesla's so they can run on electricity. And if you can't afford the heating bill this winter, you should "winterize" your home for a fifteen-year payback.

Granholm is the kind of politician who expresses a position and her entire audience thinks to themselves "She doesn't really believe that, does she"?

Granholm is a liberal's liberal.

The question is, can someone like Genna Gent spend eleven years working for someone like Jennifer Granholm without becoming entirely infected with the liberal agenda?

I'm sure she hides it well, but behind the curtains, she's working to move McDonald's even further to the far left.

And there's no one at McDonald's headquarters to stop her.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Chris Ks old online posts from several years ago. Absolute Lib.Pro union. Pro gay. Anti Operator