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April 15, 2022

Former McDonald's USA CEO Spouts Off

Rensi has always been a talented orator and Cavuto loves having him on.

"The tipping point is when customers quit buying products"

Ed Rensi on inflation and the labor shortage


Anonymous said...

For those of us who go way back, Rensi was fond of terrorizing operators who didn't toe the line. He was one scary CEO. I believe he was forced out by the Board for his nasty tactics.

Anonymous said...

With all his faults, I would still prefer Ed Rensi over the man-boy moron CEO we now have in charge!

Anonymous said...

To the 1st post it’s been over 30 years at a
WORLD WIDE - EDDIE was taking questions
someone a long way back asked a question
I can’t remember it now SORRY

WHY DON’T YOU SELL?” very rudely

could be a word or two off - been awhile
that’s what I remember about EDDIE

he keeps getting on CAVITO and
the screen says past MCD CEO
how long as he been gone?


Anonymous said...

Ed Rensi was never CEO of McDonalds
He was President of McDonalds USA

Richard Adams said...

Technically, he was CEO of McDonald's USA for about a year before leaving the company. Cavuto gave him the correct title in his introduction and in the on-screen banner.

Anonymous said...

President, CEO, doesn't really matter. He was in charge and well known for threatening Owner/Operators and telling them to "sell out" if they didn't like it or making the decision for them by forcing them out of the system. Board forced him out in 1997, gave him a golden parachute and he went on to form a racing team. Operators breathed a sigh of relief.