Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 20, 2022

Cooking McPlant's Books

Peta bought McPlants to create imaginary sales during the "test"


Richard Adams said...

Upper photo - Notice the pile of sandwichs sitting on the table. How's the quality? Nice representation of brand McDonald's.

Lower photo - Note the sign the young woman is holding. No matter how you market the sandwich as non-vegan you'll still have fanatics in your restaurants hassling your people and making a scene. And there will still be trolls badmouthing McDonald's and McPlant on social media.

No business can succeed by trying to placate fanatics. Send them away.

Richard Adams said...

And this event was obviously held in front of a multiplex movie theater. Don't these theaters make a lot of money selling expensive hamburgers, hot dogs, etc?

Lots of bad decision-making all around.

Richard Adams said...

My best store was in front of a strip mall in a suburb with what seemd like 4.7 kids per household. Youth groups and little league teams were limitless. These groups would do fundraisers by setting up card tables in front of the drug store and grocery store in the mall selling cookies and candies. Once in a while, someone would set up next to the front door of my store selling directly competing products.
I'd have to be the ogre who went out to tell them I supported their activities but couldn't have them living rent-free on my sidewalk while selling food.
I usually bought $20 of their product and they happily went on their way. Then I gave the candy or treats to my crew people as they went on break so they ate less free McDonald's food.

Anonymous said...

McPlant- so bad we have to give it away!!!!

Dump McPlant and Chris K. Neither is good for Mcdonalds.