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April 17, 2022

68% Less Likely to do Business with Disney

"As was the case last year with CRT, this is no “freakout.” It’s parents exercising their fundamental rights — indeed, their fundamental responsibilities — as mothers and fathers."

Yes, this link is to a conservative opinion piece but the numbers are shocking. Other brands doing business with Disney should tread carefully, or not at all.

"The Left has once again snuggled up to a dog with fleas"

Will woke Disney go broke? - Patriot Post



Richard Adams said...

We can be sure there are numerous McDonald's corporate employees chomping at the bit to publically team up with Disney on these issues. If they do they are again putting their social and political views ahead of the interests of McDonald's stakeholders.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm…wonder what next Happy meal license deal will be??

Richard Adams said...

I'm sure they can help you serve that vast market of millions of gender-fluid kindergarteners.