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April 15, 2022

Former McDonald's Regional VP Lands at Zaxby's

Sharlene Smith Joins Zaxby's as Chief Operating Officer

Here's her LinkedIn page


Anonymous said...

In the four years that she was Regional VP with us, she fired experienced employees in droves and replaced them with inexperienced , low paid rookies, enraged almost every operator in her region with intimidation and harassment, and drove morale to new lows. We can onl;y hope she does the same for Zaxbys

Richard Adams said...

McDonald's has lost a lot of great employees by bringing in inexperienced executives who then proceed to get rid of people who know far more about McDonald's. That's why MCD Corp. has such a weak bench (or no bench at all). And that's why, when Easterbrook had to go, the unqualified Chris K. was the last man standing.