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April 6, 2022

Hopefully, McDonald's Will Learn from Disney's Trauma

Ray Keating is a prolific writer and podcaster on the Walt Disney Company


Anonymous said...

smart ass comment

60 years ago or more?

all white old people even the ones
in the background

Richard Adams said...

Assuming that picture was taken just before the Disneyland groundbreaking it was more like 70 years ago.
My first thought when I saw the photo was "bankers, nervous bankers".

Anonymous said...

My thought. I’m a 2nd gen operator. And frankly, I’m worried about the future. Self expression etc. I understand it to an extent. At wwc22, there was a video all about gen z. All I can say was wow. What a pathetic, selfish generation. “I bet you think this song is about you” etc.

Let me be clear. I appreciate their comments and thoughts. No one wants to feel insignificant. However, at some point you start living for more than yourself. Hopefully they will learn. But company’s that stand for something will win in the end.

Anonymous said...

The initial comment in this thread could be construed as racist and discriminatory.

I agree with Richard. Nervous bankers.