Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 22, 2018

IF Delivery is Successful UberEats Will Have To Go Away

"IF" delivery becomes a big part of the business the UberEats arrangement will not be sustainable. McDonald's Corp will fight to keep it alive because of their cut of the 15%.
But die it must.

Domino's won't let anyone else deliver its pizza


Anonymous said...

When we discuss how bad a deal mcdelivery is we shouldn't forget about all the money Opnad will waste on advertising it. Money we should spend to build profitable sales. Thats an additional operating expense.

Anonymous said...

Until we get an NLC that isnt a corporate collaborator, UberEats is safe

Anonymous said...

Keep electing the same NLC, OPNAD, & SET team reps you will continue to get the same results. Next elections look carefully who the people running are and who you vote for. I go to meetings look at these folks and would not even have them as my supervisor with their ideology and lack of business acumen.