Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 13, 2018

Advertising McDelivery

Why would stores advertise McDelivery in house? That's like saying, "Please don't come in here anymore. Stay home and order on your phone. Then we can lose money on your order".


Richard Adams said...

The above pictures were randomly found on the internet. It could be that these are McOpCos. McDelivery makes some sense for McOpCo.

Anonymous said...

I would doubt its just in mcopco. My consultant now documents any piece of missing pop including reader board messaging on every visit. Then i am reminded periodically of how i am not delivering on the franchising standards by not "building the business thru guest satisfaction" or my "operator involvement" is not to standard as this is a system event and obviously I am not supporting my fellow operators when i choose not to display a piece of pop.