February 20, 2018

Delivery Slide Show From Restaurant Business

Having served McDonald's food for 30 years I can't imagine giving my customer's food to a strange, unsupervised, 
"middle-man" who's then in charge of the food.

A quote from a Technomic person:

"The industry has been lucky that we haven't had a disturbed individual that has tampered with the food. It's a real danger, and that will come back on the brand."

How is delivery disrupting business as we know it?


Richard Adams said...

Much of this slideshow is rudimentary but I found slide #4 most interesting.

Anonymous said...

The train has left the station folks get on it quickly or mine as well get out of the restaurant business, once autonomous cars hit the road this business will continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

I have repeatedly asked that if an UBEREATS delivery is tampered with by the driver, who is liable?
The McD suits have NO COMMENT
My attorney says I do !