December 2, 2017

What Has Happened To The McDonald's Supply Chain?

Running out of chicken tenders?

A major bakery employs illegals as one third of their workforce?

The UK has run out of pork products?

McDonald's has run out of bacon for its egg Mcmuffins - The Independent

My first reaction to these screw-ups was that they must have a bunch of newbies
running the supply chain. However, the two women running the global and USA
supply chains have each been in that end of the McDonald's business for nearly 
30 years.

The problem must be in the direction coming from the know-nothings upstairs.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget the "Mighty Wings" DISASTER.

We ran out of McRibs TWO WEEKS EARLY TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bean counters are failing

Anonymous said...

Easterbrook has staffers in Oak brook so afraid of losing their jobs that they are cutting corners far too tight to prevent themselves from becoming part of Easterbrooks $500 billion dollar "savings" pledge.

Anonymous said...

The McD supply chain is not only short on commodities, MCD is extremely void of Management talent. (no bench for execs)

Outsiders are RUINING the company

Anonymous said...

They have carved the Heart & Soul out of this business and ATE it.

They want more kid business, then Fire Ronald McDonald.
They want more family business ,then remove playlands
They want faster D/Ts, then add to the McCafe menu and Add fresh beef.
They want higher Cash Flow, then add Labor to the Dining room to teach people how to use a Kiosk, and do table service.
They want better Operations, then let Operators grow to 20, 30, 40 & 50 Stores.
They want us to give Gold Standard everything, Yet their Communication & Technology is No Standard (total failure)
They want us to give Table Service, yet I would be happy to have people just to give Service.
They want Better Advertising, but Create an Ad Agency from 2 Old Dried Up ones.
They BORROW money to pay for stockholder dividends, mortgaging the future.

Anonymous said...

MCD supply chain is not the only area where change is not being managed. Rumor has it that they will start being highly critical of operators G&A. Reinvestment financing will soon become another stress and MCD will respond by saying reduce G&A to make those payments. Miss a couple of payroll's and G&A will look cheap.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of this. Historically Corp has demanded that Operators forgo profit to build the brand long term. Yet our newest initiative- DELIVERY- produces obscene profits for UBER.We are being SCREWED

Richard Adams said...

You sure are, time for some civil disobedience.

Richard Adams said...

Gone are the days when there were enough McOpCos to significantly contribute to McDonald's Corp's bottom line. An initiative such as delivery would have never been proposed when the regional staffs were accountable for McOpCo profits.

Anonymous said...

She is not a newbie Francesca DeBiase but she needs to do be held accountable to the breaks in supply chain probably does not know how to tell her bosses "we cannot do it like that or we need to roll this new product out like". Just another yes person probably no leadership from her, have never seen any communications from her, apologies etc. about issues with supply chain I don't have a problem when things happen but address it, get in front of it and own it.

Richard Adams said...

I can understand supply challenges with fresh products such as lettuce, tomatoes, milk, etc. But frozen chicken tenders?

Doesn't frozen product have a shelf life of 9 months to over a year? There's little risk the system would get stuck with excess product.

Obviously it's more challenging to project LTOs like McRib but who runs out of a permanent menu item?

And this is the gang who's going to manage unfrozen quarter pounders?

Anonymous said...

That stinks, too many purveyors and suppliers getting away with all kinds of shaky personnel practices I get tired of it.