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December 20, 2017

Companies Go Slow On Delivery

Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor - “We encourage all of our competitors to do as 
much delivery as they can so they can deliver lukewarm food to the people who order it,”

Why some companies go slow on delivery


Anonymous said...

IF delivery will be 25% of my sales in ten years, WHY AM I SPENDING MILLIONS ON MRPs??? On kiosks ?

In 99% of stores, delivery will never account for more than 1-3% of sales. And the exorbitant fees guarantee you to LOSE money.

Richard Adams said...

The time from order placement and delivery is supposedly 25 minutes. That's a long time in a McDonald's bag. Remember when the holding time for sandwiches was 10 minutes? And that was in a heated holding bin.

Product quality will kill repeat orders.

Anonymous said...

The only way that delivery doesnt serve cold food is IF McD defies political correctness and allows us to go back to using Styrofoam clamshell sandwich containers.
NEVER Gonna Happen. Too afraid of the environmentalists. Plus, the fries still get cold

Modern & Progressive

Anonymous said...

Chris Cheek's new memo: "Our tests indicate that delivery customers will love their stale, cold food items, delivered in under 30 minutes at a substantial surcharge. And it confirms that if something is missing from their order, the customer will overlook that fact due to the convenience factor". McDonald's Corporation is listening.

Anonymous said...

Placement to delivery 25min that is not the time from when a driver picks up to delivery. What would be the difference between me going through the DT getting my food and going home or office to eat my meal versus the driver going to get my food and bring it to me other than I did not have to get in my car, give up my parking space, fight traffic both ways, search for a new parking spot and waste 30min doing all that when I can just call a delivery service?

So what your saying is we should not serve food through the DT for customers to take home or the office to eat; our food can only be eaten in the car while driving?

Richard Adams said...

That's a hectic lifestyle you've got there. Not every American has to fight for parking spaces wherever they go. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live and work in the suburbs. McDonald's management spent the year telling analysts that 75% of the population live within three miles of a McDonald's (wait - that's actually a good argument against the need for McDelivery).

As I write this there's a McDonald's a half mile down the road and another about four miles in the other direction. I can't imagine a trip to McDonald's and back taking 30 minutes. Unless the smell of the fries overwhelms me and I stop to eat in my car.