December 27, 2017

Restaurant Rookies

Franchisees ask, "How can a person with no real restaurant experience or knowledge
end up in a high level position at a major restaurant chain?"

In a word - "HYPE"

In the following Bloomberg article the writers speculate on four people who may be candidates as the new CEO at Chipotle. Three of those mentioned are restaurant vets,

the fourth is a McDonald's VP named Lucy Brady. She's been with McDonald's for 15 
months and it's her first job in the restaurant industry. The ink on her new business 
cards is barely dry and some are discussing her ascension to restaurant CEO. 

Now these business reporters are not decision makers but the "HYPE" has begun. 

Stranger things have happened - after all, look who's President of McDonald's USA!

Chipotle Seeks a New CEO Who Can Restore Buzz for a Damaged Brand - Bloomberg

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Anonymous said...

As long as Steve Ells sticks around as Chairman, whoever takes the CEO job will fail. Make no mistake, the micro managing Ells is still in charge.