Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 16, 2016


Anonymous said...

Sounds like -- per the quote -- we should be the "crazy ones" and setup an operator association.... Too much bullying.

Anonymous said...

Remember the uproar many years ago about "Compact", "Impact" and "Rewrite". The company was really pushing the edge with threats about not rewriting stores of uncooperative operators, impacting stores without caring about damage to an operators business and talking about a "compact" with operators that effectively changed provisions in the license agreement much to the favor of the company.

The operators finally had had enough and said that if the company wanted to fight they were ready and they were. The result was that that the company threw in the towel but it created lots of hard feelings. I don't recall all of the details but all that was done was that the operators stood up for themselves. Operators were more independant then and had to protect their banking relationships which is different from today.

Anonymous said...

Bring back M.O.O.A. ???