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March 16, 2016

Rebuilt I-Drive McDonald's in Orlando

Features floor of toys, games, pasta and pizza - Orlando Sentinel


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable store!! 19,000 Sq. Ft. $12,000,000.00 per year annual sales.

Anonymous said...

The new standard for rebuilds?

Anonymous said...

I have to give credit to the operator for growing the sales over the years, granted this is a unique location but he has taken full advantage of his surroundings and is true entrepreneur. I understand he was in constant battle with McD's to get this built the way he wanted keeping the unique products, games etc. McD's fought him and his decor company every step of the way and he had to scale back things he wanted to do. McD's is losing true entrepreneurs at an alarming rate they are often looked at by the corporation as "difficult" operators sad for the brand.