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March 29, 2016

Analyst Says McDonald's Operators Upbeat

"Franchisee sentiment remains upbeat, with generally positive commentary around 
the “McPick” platform, especially the 2 for $5 promo (which began in late-Feb). 
Beyond current promotions, ops improvements appear to be bearing fruit, with 
franchisees reporting improved drive-thru times and order accuracy."

- Jason West - Credit Suisse

McDonald’s: A McPick Sales Surprise? - Stocks to Watch -


Anonymous said...

With more discounting and a $15 min. wage, what's not to be upbeat about.

Anonymous said...

With just about everything on the menu discounted, with high rents and demand to buy more new equipment, remodel stores, & OPS people in your store constantly, telling you all the things they think are preventing you from higher sales, would that be upbeat, or downbeat?

Anonymous said...

Yea, not sure who they are talking to but likely some flunky operator suck up who still thinks owning lots of stores means lots of money...the real word is franchisees are fed up with lost cash flow, increased debt, hostile working environments, corporate retaliation and menu complexity. Sounds like a perfect storm for group retaliation from the franchisees. When are they going to wake up and realize the power they hold now with a 90% ownership stake. Grow a set!!