Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 5, 2015

New to MCD Board of Directors

Lloyd Dean and John Mulligan Elected to McDonald's Board of Directors


Anonymous said...

We just elected a guy to the board of directors who presided over one of the biggest credit fraud/hacking jobs in history?(Target)

Anonymous said...

Wow thought I seen it all; really that's the best they could do? Our you kidding me Lloyd Dean don't know everything about the guy but he is a personal friend of President Obama, supporter of Affordable Health Care Act, CEO & President of a regional non-profit hospital group I can on but how is he going to help a worldwide, international restaurant consumer brand? What expertise does he have worldwide development, logistics, sourcing & distribution, restaurant or retail experience, franchisee network etc. etc. Then we have Mr. Mulligan as the previous poster said summed it up but aging at least Target is a national retail brand but again no experience with a global brand.

The shareholders should be outraged as well as franchisees, suppliers and employees of the corporation.

Anonymous said...

The BOD is still FAR too OLD. McKenna & Co have to go. After all, what do seventy and eighty somethings know about being "Modern & Progressive"?