August 6, 2015

A Good Start - Only A Thousand To Go

McDonald's cuts 225 jobs in push to revive business


Anonymous said...

Good news, less staffers dreaming up ways for o/os to spend money.

Anonymous said...

They don't seem to understand the degree of seriousness posed by having such a huge and unnecessary staff. It is sucking the life out of this system. Over 400,000 employee's worldwide. I think they could cut loose 40,000 and not even notice it. This is just a gesture to an issue they don't know how to handle and be nice to everyone. He said what they did will save three hundred million by 2017. How about saving nine hundred million and fire 600 more.

Anonymous said...

The REGIONS are BLOATED with far too many duplicative positions. In our Region, we now have four people doing the Job two used to do, and we have numerous NEW management positions that didnt exist 5-10 years ago.