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August 17, 2015

McDonald’s Shareholders Betting Everything On New CEO

Turnaround Comes Early to McDonald’s


Anonymous said...

The referenced "snowball effect" and investor optimism, based on Easterbrook's comments and the fact that McDonald's is cashing out by selling company owned stores to O/O's misses the point that our leadership does not understand the core business and the fact that the sales of McOpco stores to Operators represent an effort to sell stores sadly needing reinvestment to the Operators, is an effort to bankrupt them and shift the losses from the corporation's balance sheet to the O/O's. The hiring of Obama clone Robert Gibbs shows how far the corporation has strayed from their understanding of our business.

Anonymous said...

Dear McDonald's advertising person:
Thank you for your email. If the Corporation paid for 100% of the Rebuilds, Relo’s, MRP’s, New Equipment Initiatives and real estate Taxes, We (Franchisees) could afford to do Dollar Specials. However due to the way the Franchising Structure is, You should take in account these other factors.