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August 22, 2015

McDonalds Showcases New Burger Building Tool

Fast Food Leader McDonalds Showcases New Burger Building Tool - QSR magazine


Anonymous said...

The operators are a blind spot to Oak Brook. At nearly $100,000.00 per store and possibly more a ten store operator is taking a million dollars off of the balance or worse having to put more debt on his organization. I know there is support coming from the company but if this doesn't do the trick that support will be meaningless. Keep in mind that only 30% of our customers are coming through the lobby. This is a big investment to support only those customers. To stay positive it is good that we are doing something. Hopefully it will generate more traffic and increase sales to a level where there will be a positive ROI. I really believe we need to do more for our drive thru customers they are loyal and cheap. Do the drive thru right and repeat visits are highly likely. Plus, the menu board has too many items on it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid decisions = Oakbrook wins
How come nobody can see the writing on the wall----You are making bad deals and paying too much in rent -- Just dig yourselves deeper and you will never get out of your hole----Come on everybody ---WAKE UP----All these initiatives are not going to solve the deep rooted problems that are embedded deep within the system----The franchising model as we once knew it is dead---Keep working for your executives