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August 14, 2015

Crashing McDonald’s Annual Meeting

If McDonald's Operators cringe when hearing bad news about the brand - much
of the blame goes to the combative way in which the Oak Brook press relations 
people treat members of the media. Reporters rarely write about this abuse but 
Franchise Times is up front.

The solution? Hire some nice people.

Crashing McDonald’s annual meeting - Franchise Times


Anonymous said...

The callous and crass way McD execs treat reporters is the exact same way that the Regions and Oak Brook treat Operators. The three legged stool is permanently BROKEN.The Operator leg is MISSING.

And $20mm for Thompson as a Golden Parachute??? DISGUSTING

Richard Adams said...

In 1987 the late Jim Kuhn, while he was a McDonald's VP, published a book for
internal use at McDonald's. The title was "Management By Hassling", a sarcastic
look at a management style being nurtured under the Quinlan/Rensi regime.

Copies are still available on Amazon and eBay. Maybe a reprint for everyone in
Oak Brook and the regions would be timely?

Anonymous said...

It would help if the Board of Directors had a few people on it that werent eligible for Social Security !

How do you build a "modern and Progressive" burger company with antiques on the B.O.D??

The painful truth is this, McDonalds Corp is No LONGER a "Burger" company. It is a real estate holding company led by geriatrics, that receives the vast majority of its income from the rents
and fees on its real estate.(Why else would they be selling so many McOpCos?)It could not care
less about "burgers", as evidenced by the last several CEOs having little to NO Operational Expertise.