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February 26, 2014

Tim Hortons to Simplify Menu

Of course they are also talking about a "robust" new product pipeline and the most
dangerous word in the QSR business - "Innovation" - that rarely leads to simplification.

Tim Hortons CEO: Intensity of QSR environment unlike anything in past 40 years |


Anonymous said...

Wow these corporate guys all sound the same. I have not been to a Tim Hortons in many years but I remember them being inviting, a range of food products besides donuts. I think if they position themselves like a Panera bread or Corner bakery on smaller scale they could do even better. It appears their cost of going into business would be less than those brands and they could go into more locations with their smaller footprint. Again I have not been to one in quite a few years but they seemed more like a high end Dunkin Donuts.

Richard Adams said...

The corporate guys do all sound the same, it's like the same PR person is writing all their talking points.