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February 17, 2014

More McCashing In

During the first two weeks of February 2014 McDonald's CEO Don Thompson
sold $415,141 in MCD shares and 10 other officers of the company sold shares
with a combined value of $681,247,

Feel free to check my math HERE



Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting how you, Dick Adams, always talk about the value of Don Thompson's shares and his sale of stock, but refuse to post discussion on his salary. Selective indignation?

Richard Adams said...
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Richard Adams said...

This website is hosted in a
manner where I can’t go back
and look at the comments I’ve
rejected but I know it has not
been a large number. I only
reject those that are profane,
possibly slanderous, off topic,
or unintelligent.

I recall a comment or two that featured the liberal (union
thug) complaint that there
was some relationship between
a CEO’s pay and the pay rate
of the people working in the

That’s not an intelligent comment and would be rejected.

Nor was there a relationship between my profits as a
McDonald’s franchisee and the
minimum wage worker we’d just
hired to sweep the dining room floor.

In my humble opinion, if a CEO
or corporate executives are successful and make a lot of
money for their shareholders
(and franchisees) they deserve
a substantial reward. If they
fail and sales and profit in
the wrong direction they
should be paid very little and
soon be shown the door.

As hard as they work the
entry level person flipping
burgers had nothing to do
with that success or failure.

Richard Adams said...

If someone wants to discuss CEO pay start the discussion right here! If it's interesting and intelligent I'll post it and even feature it on our front page.

Anonymous said...

MCD CEO compensation is no one's business. What impacts the stores is not so much the CEO compensation as it is the CEO's policies and day to day decisions. Compensation is between the Board of Directors and the CEO. Be it is too high or too low is meaningless. In a public company it is public knowledge and shareholders and others will have an opinion that matters very little. Many times the region will indicate to an operator that he is taking too much money from the stores but as a factual matter it is none of their business. They will attempt to tie that opinion to operations justified or not. Reducing MCD CEO compensation will not increase operator compensation one cent. So, why be concerned about it?