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February 5, 2014

Be Careful With "Transparency"

Since I operated McDonald's stores only a few hours drive from Golden State Foods'
main distribution center I took the opportunity to put together a field trip so my 
managers and assistants could see the where those trucks come from.

As a guy I'd always been impressed with the efficiency and mechanization of the GSF
facility. But, to my surprise, my largely female management team was not very 
impressed. In fact some were a little turned off and even a little grossed out by the 
hamburger patty line.

As we discussed their reaction over lunch, I said, "Come on you guys, this is food and
products you work with everyday". They explained there was noting wrong with the
food but as young moms they didn't' find food on such a large scale as something that
was appealing. Nothing wrong with a box of 10-1 patties but thousands of pounds of 
beef moving down an assembly line? Not so much. 

So, if you're in the restaurant business - as you watch this video from McDonald's of 
Canada - try to look at it as if you only know about the food business from what you 
see at the grocery store. Does that Mom coming in the door with a baby on each hip
really want to see all that ground up chicken breast meat?

                                Where do McNuggets Come From?


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