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January 30, 2014

Regret Chipotle Spinoff?

No, McDonald's Doesn't Regret Chipotle Spinoff



Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no confidence from the operator community in the Oak Brook management team. The Divisional and Regional Corporate people are just soldiers doing what they are told to do by Oak Brook. No help at all to the operator community. The Corporation continues to be very inconsistent from one region to another in all areas, but especially in the area of reinvestment

Anonymous said...

The direction of the company to get MRP done at all cost without the concern for a sound ROI, especially as some Operators approach a Rewrite Term in some case's makes NO business sense. The reason we all got into The Brand was to have a certain amount of liquidity to provide for our family and outside investments, but when The Brand lecherously watches your loan maturities to see how much you can spend immediately after you payoff a loan, well that is not a good place to be!
Harvard or MRP? Sorry honey I have to implement another Initiative for McDonalds. Maybe next year.........

Richard Adams said...

Liberals in government behave like all the money in the United States
economy belongs to the government and elected officials will decide
how much money the citizens get to keep.

McDonald's is now run by liberal bureaucrats who don't understand
the free enterprise system or entrepreneurship. They think that every sales dollar rung up in a McDonald's belongs to Oak Brook and management will decide how much the Operator gets to keep.