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January 28, 2014

Golden Arches

Franchise Times magazine’s February issue contains an article about McDonald’s.
It’s not yet on their web site so I can’t link it but one of the sidebars contains
some sales history that’s interesting to look back on:

In 1997 McDonald’s AUV was $1.4 million
In 2013 McDonald’s AUV was  $2.7 million

In 1997 Burger King’s AUV was $1.08 million
In 2013 Burger king’s AUV was $1.3 million

In 1997 Wendy’s AUV was $1.04 million
In 2013 Wendy’s AUV was $1.5 million

A Wall Street analyst is quoted:

“In a business where McDonald’s has been as successful as it has, at the volumes
it has, $ 2.7 million, it makes it incrementally harder to drive sales. They’re a 
little bit of a victim of their own success.”

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