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January 23, 2014

McDonald‘s: We Overcomplicated the Menu

McDonald‘s: We Overcomplicated the Menu | βurgerβusiness



Anonymous said...

From the article :"“In the U.S. we’ve lost some of our customer relevance across several parts of the day,” said Thompson."

Well DUHHHHHHHH, we operators have been saying that for several years. The menu IS to big, yet Id wager that cuts will be few to none. Thompson needs to learn to listen, or LEAVE.

WHY in the world would he admit this to the Press???

Anonymous said...

YES Don YOU overcomplicated the menu, and WE the licensees paid the price.

Anonymous said...

Only thing we are advertising is Dollar Menu & More. We have 25 items on the Dollar Menu with breakfast and lunch. Why would a customer order anything else? Can get a beef, chicken, potato,soda, or coffee. It kills service time with orders of 2-3 sandwiches at a time.

Anonymous said...

Corporate is not addressing the problems in the kitchen. Their solution is to grade harder not think smarter. The number of Dollar Menu items per order is increasing, yet McDonald‟s consultants think you should
still hit your service times. They need to go back to first grade math. The numbers don‟t work. The
system was built on two sandwiches per order, yet most stores, particularly inner-city ones, have 6-8 Dollar Menu sandwiches per order.