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November 12, 2013

Making The McGrade

Some feedback on Oak Brook’s decision to stop QSC grading of stores would be appreciated -
as comments on this site or by E-mail.


Anonymous said...

MCD have painted themselves in a corner with their priority on QSC. Because, it means nothing when they want to award new stores to implement their affirmative action programs, ect. Operator reviews have become comic and meaningless. They have become more concerned about political correctness than being profitable. I know that is a strong statement but it is true, in my opinion. Even company employee's are scratching their heads about it.

Richard Adams said...

Let's see - clutter up the operations with menu items that don't sell, make things more difficult for everyone including the customer, try to be all things to all people, and then blame the people trying to run the restaurants for not doing it right. McDonald's corporate people should all wear a badge that says,

"I'm from Oak Brook and I'm Here to Help".

Anonymous said...

We have created a bottleneck of confusion at our DT menu boards with complicated menu. Lines wait longer, customers get frustrated, and managers and crew take the flak.

Its like crossing customs at the border. You want faster times simplify the menu so that all common folks can understand it quicker.

Triple Lane DT anyone?

Anonymous said...

The grading pause is for six months and designed to keep all staff in the stores focusing on building the relationship and the business. I do believe leadership wants to help but they scramble for direction. This is not a new move and in the two times I have seen it in my career it has been a disaster. I hope at the end, we haven't lost more customers for failure of people to do the right thing because they are so guided by profitability. We as a system can have a serious retard in QSC. By creating this problem we will then have direction.

Anonymous said...

there is no solution until we simplify the operation (menu).