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September 29, 2013

Make My Mighty Wings Sauceless

I'm not the only one who thinks McDonald's menu is ridiculously complex.

First of all, I love the new Mighty Wings and have eaten them three or four times a week since the introduction. They taste good enough to eat without the dipping sauces so I ignored that issue until I read in a press article that Mighty Wings come with "a choice 9 dipping sauces". At first I thought that was a typo or bad reporting but it turns out to be true.

So when a crew person asks me what kind of sauce I want I ask (like millions of others) "What do you have?". The list is so long most crew people have to take a breath part way through. 

Yesterday I went inside a McDonald's to order and an affable collage age man took my order. I again asked my sauce question and even using the POS screen as a guide he got confused, shook his head, and said "We have too many dipping sauces".

This twenty something gentleman knows more about what's going on in a real McDonald's restaurant than anyone at Oak Brook headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Not mentioning a mum with a couple of kids ordering 2 happy meals, here, in Italy, it takes forever with the cashier declaiming all the endless possible combinations. We keep on asking to make things easier operation wise but no answers.

Anonymous said...

Some sauces go out of code before we can get rid of them. I went to 8 because I stopped ordering Chipotle. On a side note, the crew suggest Ranch with the wings for instance. it avoids the what sauces do you have question and if the customer doesn't want the suggestion they will generally tell you what they want. Doesn't solve the too many saue problem but does help facilitate what we can control.

Anonymous said...

You might be glad to hear. McD is phasing out 3 sauces in coming months.Bye Bye to Chipotle BBQ, Sweet Chili and Hot Mustard.

Richard Adams said...

That's good news. Thanks for the info. Now they need to fire or demote the person or persons who made the nine sauce decision in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Well I wouldn't get too happy yet because I'm sure that person has four sauces to replace those with. Habenero Ranch will be in a sauce cup soon.