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January 17, 2024

California Restaurant Operator Preping for $20 Wage

Trimming hours, Xing vacations, raising menu prices - BI


Anonymous said...

California owners bear a part of the blame for the situation they are now in. They stood on the sidelines while the IFA and McDonalds Corp negotiated with the SEIU FOR THEIR OWN (IFA/MCD) BEST INTERESTS , literally betraying franchisees so that they could avoid joint employer status.

Richard Adams said...

As democrats, McDonald’s corporate people will always have a comfort level if not an affection for organized labor. They were likely raised in union-friendly homes, went to union-friendly schools, and grew to believe that unions were righteous business organizations. Since these corporate people have never actually run a business, they can’t be counted on to understand the damage that unions cause.
They cannot be counted on to play hardball with the unions.

The corporate fear of “joint employer” is all about liability, not the fear of unionization.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, anonymous. Those franchisees were in the dark except for the one franchisee that MCD invited into the room (for whatever reason that franchisee was drafted).

This was done in SECRET and intentionally left CA franchisees in the dark until AFTER it happened. You can understand why it had to be secret. No franchisee would agree to being sold out and singled out to pay a higher minimum wage than their non-franchised competitors if they actually knew about the secret meeting with SEIU.

SEIU got even more than their most highly prized goal of joint employer. They got sectoral bargaining with the whole franchise industry of fast food. They are probably still doing shots at a party wondering how it happened that they got even more than they thought to ask for.

Anonymous said...

To the poster "California owners bear a part of the blame for the situation they are now in". Excuse me but you are 100% wrong about how this went down it was done behind closed doors, CA O/O's already were fighting it and spent over $5k per restaurant. McDonald's, if you remember McDonald's got rid of their entire GR team and hired all new people; this came down after the new structure. Additionally, the Regional Vice-President for the Long Beach Field office was terminated after voicing his concern about how this was being handled by HQ leadership and the watered-down plan McDonald's originally agreed to look at. "No idea is off the table" and help fund the Rise & Dominate Program, with their new windfall of rents &royalties. Myra Doria has her hands all over this disaster and her head hench lady Medy Valenzuela. McDonald's basically lied to all the operators of California.