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January 10, 2024

Government Relations is a Dirty Business

The promotion of Sam Tatevosyan and the hiring of Melissa Walsh in McDonald’s government relations means that McDonald’s Corp’s political activities will follow the same old political direction. While it’s good to know that Tatevoyan once worked for a Republican Senator, he also spent eight years at an extremely left-wing D.C. lobbying firm. How does one swim in that liberal swamp and come out truly believing in free enterprise and entrepreneurship?

Melissa Walsh has spent much of her time working on government affairs, but it appears that her career focus has been on philanthropy and fundraising. In other words, liberals employing liberals to give money to other liberals. She and her wife should have no trouble fitting into the Woke McDonald’s corporate culture.

Both of these folks have had exciting careers, but that’s just the point. Our National politics have changed dramatically in the past few years. Just because someone was in government affairs or lobbying ten years ago doesn’t mean they understand what’s going on today.

Who knew, just a few years ago, that we would have powerful politicians working to defund the police, purposefully turning major cities into homeless encampments, erasing our international borders, and siding with the terrorists during international conflicts? And on and on. Who has the skills to work with people like that? If these trends continue, Government Relations will be nothing but bribery and influence peddling. None of it will be for the good of the country.

While McDonald’s Corp employs people who claim they can work in these spaces, McDonald’s Owner/Operators should admit to themselves that they don’t really understand today's politics. That might be why, if I understand the reports, about 40% of Owner/Operator contributions and expenditures go to the liberal left and their party.

That might have worked at the turn of the century, but today, it’s feeding the anti-American beast.  


Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on. We are being lead by liberal woke fools. And the stiffs at the NFLA say nothing but “ thank you sir may I have another”. Get out while your equity still exists

Anonymous said...

Your Government Affairs team has cemented an automatic minimum wage increase to $20 for every McDonalds franchisee on California in exchange for getting MCD corporate off the joint employer ability hook.

Which state will owners be sold out in next? NY? NJ? IL? CT? MA? MN? The list is endless with the politics that Richard describes.

Don't think that the sell out of owners will stop at the states. There are red states with blue and purple cities, like TX has San Antonio. You may be forced to pay $20 while someone over the city line a block away is paying $12.50

You need to join NOA and stand up your own lobbying efforts. Legislators only hear the MCD corporate shills' side of the story. You pay the local taxes, support the local youth leagues and food banks and employe the local voters. YOU MATTER MORE THAN THE FAR AWAY SUITS IN CHICAGO! Please start acting like it, because its' true.

Anonymous said...

Rather than spending a half a million dollars remodeling a perfectly good dining room that less than 20% of my customers use, why not let me invest in automation equipment to mitigate the labor problems and defang Unions at the same time? Mcd has myopic leadership!

Anonymous said...

"why not let me invest in automation equipment to mitigate the labor problems"

Because their ultimate goal is to get rid of you. If the restaurants only need a couple of employees, maybe a maintenance guy, the company believes it doesn't need you either.

Why do you think that they're purposely killing CA O/O's equity? So they can buy them cheap, put their automation in and get rid of those pesky O/O's who spend too much time on the golf course.

I'm not sure that this bunch actually looks that far ahead but that's got to be why they haven't announced any real innovation in automation. Because this bunch wants to manipulate it so that they benefit, not you.

Make no mistake, these guys are not your partners. They are whatever the opposite of that is.