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January 10, 2024

Boston Market - This Isn't Really Franchising

If McDonald's opens too many new stores in the wrong places this might be the solution.

Just give them away.

Boston Market, anybody can own one anywhere


Anonymous said...

Come up with "new menu items" that will drive customers to the brand LOL.....Sounds kind of like McD's we spending 100's of millions promoting new products for a few weeks to hopefully make a few hundred dollars in profits. Most of the new products are just a trade-off from existing products with very few new loyal customers.

I've heard there are over 300 McDonald's for sale right now no one wants these unprofitable locations and folks dropping out of the registered applicant program.

Anonymous said...

we just had an MCOPCO employee buy 2 headache restaurants that an operator has been trying to dump for
4-5 yers. 1 less than 2M the other 2.4.

PS no room for growth he is locked in by 3 large operators

To the above comment - YES - where are these 100’s RA’s? have not heard a word about any in my market as
well as 4-6 other markets where I have friends - could the RA’s all be in CA with the $20.00 minimum wage
That will go to 25 then 30!

sorry if you are reading from CA - I do feel for you - still part of the MCD family - only thing to do is hit
the prices hard

Richard Adams said...

You're wise to keep an eye on California. With Trump's landslide win in Iowa last night, there will be increased pressure to send Biben into retirement. Currently, the only practical choice to replace Biden is Gavin Newsom, the worst governor out of the 50.
The democrat party is a lot like McDonald's Corp - No Bench.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that it's Joe Minchin to replace Biden, NOT Newsom!

The country would be wells served by Manchin.

Anonymous said...

So as a Dem your choice would be Manchin?