Coalition of Franchisee Associations

September 11, 2023

This Week's Chuckle

McDonald’s will begin virtual focus groups with some owners and operators as a part of an ongoing civil rights audit - CNBC

From the article: "The memo said the process is voluntary and identities would not be shared with McDonald’s, and another notice said the groups would have no more than 12 people. An owner told CNBC that some franchisees were expressing concern about the 12-person panels and potential retaliation by the company."

Identities not shared? Yeah, right, a large international law firm retained by McDonald's Corp. and a consulting firm with who knows how many people running around the office who also consider McDonald's Corp. to be the client.


Richard Adams said...

Caution - there might be a little confusion here - the article mentions a firm called "Perception Strategies," but that's a healthcare mystery shopping outfit. The more appropriate firm appears to be "Percipient Strategies". It looks to me like the CNBC spell checker got ahead of the editors. If I've got any of this wrong, please let me know at
or comment here.

Anonymous said...

Speak your mind? NO WAY unless you want to be intimidated and harassed out of the system!