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September 10, 2023

California Crime: Coming to a City Near You

It's hard to understand how these high-powered business people do not have enough clout with local officials to at least protect their prime retail. Apparently, the force of liberal government is just too strong.

Beverly Hills high-end retail stores shuttered

CA store owners sound off on retail theft - Fox News

Democrat policies turning Beverly Hills into a ghost town - Opinion


Richard Adams said...

The opinion piece by Nolte is pretty blunt, he says
"Democrats never admit they are wrong. Democrat voters never vote for change. If you don’t believe me, see Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, Baltimore…"

Richard Adams said...

When I was the Western USA corporate franchise guy, my primary office was in the Los Angeles regional office. At that time, we were located about ten minutes from Beverly Hills, just down Wilshire. One of the perks of the job was playing host to McDonald's corporate people from Chicago or points east. They usually visited during the winter months.
It was simple to just direct them to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, let them window-shop, and then join them for dinner at a great restaurant later in the day.
Of course, Beverly Hills is adjacent to Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, so sometimes I wouldn't hear from the snowbirds until they got back to Oak Brook.

Anonymous said...

I own 5 restaurants in a RED state 😀😀

by what you see - LA - SAN FRAN
I chose a different word

how R our brothers & sisters fairing especially in these areas

if you know or others is BIG BROTHER - THE MAN
Helping with relief or something else or they R on
their own - like I would expect ???


sign up for NOA - stronger together 😀

Richard Adams said...

I don't know that California Owner/Operators have it any worse than Operators in big, blue cities across the USA, at this point in time. The problem is the future. There just isn't any real-world effort to make things better in California. Compare New York to San Francisco. The Mayor of New York is giving speeches and press conferences warning the world that the city is going down the tubes. In San Francisco or Sacramento, it's all sugar, spice, and everything nice. Nancy Pelosi just announced that she will run for another two-year term in Congress, talking about San Francisco "values" as if nothing's wrong.
The problem is, California voters are a bunch of idiots. The real trouble started when they brought back Democrat Jerry Brown as governor. Brown served as the hippie Governor from 1975 to 1983 for our younger readers. When Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't turn things around, voters brought back Brown from 2011 to 2019. Brown still lives in the 1970s and governed that way. Then, to make matters worse, voters brought in Gavin Newsome as the next governor. What you see in San Francisco today is a result of his mayorship from 2004 to 2011. See what I mean? idiots!
Anyway, as for THE MAN helping out, that remains to be seen. Our country's big, blue cities are all mismanaged and poorly governed, like those in California. Previously MCD corporate would have moved in and bought up a lot of the distressed stores just because it's California. That might not be the best move this time around. Better to help out the Operators who are there so they don't end up with a bunch of McOpCos.But California is still beautiful, the ocean and beaches are still there as are the mountains, Lake Tahoe, and Big Sur. It's just too bad it's not 1990 anymore.