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September 20, 2023

Front Page Owner/Operator Comments

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maze on CA Legislation":

 Fellow McDonald's Operators

 Our franchisor, McDonald's Corporation, has committed an egregious travesty against us by sitting down and negotiating an agreement in California with the SEIU, without the participation of the affected California owners.  By sitting down with the Union, McDonald's has done what the SEIU has not been able to achieve so far by itself, that is McDonald's has given legitimacy to the Union and the right to represent McDonald's fast-food workers without a required election or Union organizing process. Why should the SEIU bother to go through the arduous process of organizing and having elections in every store when the company is already collective bargaining with the union without owner operator input? The SEIU now has legitimacy and a seat at the table, without having to spend tens of millions of dollars to organize the stores and hold elections. McDonald's circumvented the normal processes, and the operators are now stuck with this “negotiated” result.  We've been sacrificed by the corporation so that they might avoid joint employer status. And the resulting setup of the wage board, with its union members, guarantees future wage increases on an annual basis without the threat of strikes,  lockouts, or negotiations.

 The SEIU won.  McDonald's Corporation won.  And the operators lose big time!  Yet the company has the gall to call us “partners”.

 With partners like this, you better be watching your back!


From another McDonald's Operator:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Maze on CA Legislation":

Yet another glaring example of how today’s McDonald’s senior leadership works.

Identify a threat to their power, influence or money

Parachute in at the scene of the crime

Take charge

Make an announcement that sounds like it’s supportive of Owner Operators, gain limited O/O support, often a few who have other motivations such as operational difficulties, a next gen who is stuck, or simply who want to grow quickly and who are willing to publicly support, say or do what they’re encouraged/told to say or do

Disappear behind closed doors,, solve the problems that affect them directly

Make sure that every single one of their needs/wants are met or exceeded

Reappear and make a victory announcement, include an obscure statement of tepid, bare-bones support for any negative consequences for Owner Operators that is the smallest $ commitment possible that also directly benefits them

Disappear from the scene of the crime

Every single move that McDonald’s has made in the last number of years has disproportionally benefitted them; any benefit to any other interest- including suppliers or owner-operators has been coincidental, however, the coincidental benefits are the headline that is promoted.

In this case, while owner-operators benefitted by beating back joint employer status, we and only we will pay for it. McDonald’s avoided liability, and to top it off, prices will necessarily skyrocket and what a surprise, McDonald’s wins again with increased top line sales that is absolute incremental income, straight to the bottom line while Owners are left to fend for themselves with our bottom line- they will not help us.

This is absolutely a win/win for the company, perhaps a net loss to every owner-operator in CA. McD’s beat back what threatened us, and they paid for it with our cash flow. There is no other way to see this, this is a clear public example of how they operate today. If they were acting in any other way besides pure self-interest, McDonald’s would give back every dollar in increased price taken to us to pay for the avoidance of joint employer status, allowing us to secure our financial solvency.

By the way, to the owners who made public statements in support with hopes of favors returned- you are about to find out how that works too. They owe you nothing, while you may gain short-term recognition, you will be forgotten. Your use to them is finished, you’ve been wrung out.

This is the benevolent, helpful and altruistic partner who calls us “McFamily.”

Who would do this to their own family and what kind of person does this and actually feels like they have done anyone other than themselves a favor?

I’ll tell you who: a narcissistic predatory sociopath, that’s who.

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Anonymous said...

If MCD is not a joint employer then why are they negotiating our wages?

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the two posts above

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the NLRB will impose joint employer on franchisors in CA anyway with its federal mandate.

MCD sold us out for nothing.

Anonymous said...

WHERE is the NFLA statementon this?????
The silence is deafening from NFLA.
They are supposed to REPRESENT US!!!
Are they all under MCDs thumb??
NO WAY I send them money next year. COWARDS

Anonymous said...

McD has officially recognized the SEIU

Anonymous said...

MCD recognizes (and negotiates with) the SEIU but refuses to recognize the 1000+ owners of the NOA??????

Anonymous said...

Man I miss the old leadership at the NFLA.
They at least had the guts to stand up for the owners!
Bunch of self serving suck ups. (NFLA)

Anonymous said...

How is mcdonalds successfully silencing the owners in leadership at the nfla? Did they offer the officers and exec commitee new stores?

Anonymous said...

narcissistic predatory sociopath

Perfect description of Chris K , Joe E , Myra D, and Mr G

Anonymous said...

McFamily ? WHAT A JOKE. Its more like spousal abuse!

Anonymous said...

And now MCD announces a 30% raise in service fees.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

How long before a restaurant becomes worthless to negative value?

Considering selling now while I can and putting the money into state tax free high yielding US Treasuries. They can’t be sold out to SEIU. Well, as long as the Biden administration doesn’t think of it.