Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 7, 2023

WSJ on QSR Dining Rooms

"A number of U.S. McDonald’s operators in 2018 formed the National Owners Association, an independent group to help advocate for franchisees’ interests. The group has pushed back at the burger chain on some of the remodeling requirements. 

U.S. franchisees are expected to freshen up their dining rooms, front counters and bathrooms with approved designs every 10 years, according to company documents. Equipment for the remodels averaged $350,000 last year, according to the documents. A full update can cost as high as $750,000, owners said."


Richard Adams said...

My usual apologies for posting a link to the very expensive Wall Street Journal - I don't do it very often. The WSJ is certainly worth the money, but not everyone has the time to justify the expense. However, there's no way for me to tell what kind of subscription offers the WSJ might make you depending on the cookies on your device, yada, yada. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

McDonald’s should place all dining room remodels ON HOLD until such time as these savings can be realized.