Coalition of Franchisee Associations

August 17, 2023

Adventure in Spaces

As restaurant chains look to smaller real estate sites and  facilities various levels of government will come along and demand EV charging spaces, which will sit empty 99.9 percent of the time.

Or will such decisions be made by internal corporate do-gooders?

Will the charging equipment and electrical upgrades be part of the equipment package and charged to the franchisees?

Will those who see such initiatives as sales builders eventually lose their jobs?

After the national EV initiative fails, will the franchisees be required to bear the cost of removing the charging equipment?


Anonymous said...

One never changing axiom of franchising is that the franchisee always gets the bill.

For everything.

Anonymous said...

McD is already DICTATING this to the franchisees, and the USELESS NFLA does NOTHING. (They are dictating mandatory cell tower sites too). Mcd wins (more rent & income etc), owners lose (operating costs, M&R, removals, upkeep etc)

Anonymous said...

I thought I was starting my own business, but I found out that I only bought myself a JOB.

Or, as Chris K so famously remarked to a reporters query, " Operators are like Uber drivers, easily replaced"

The partnership is DEAD

Anonymous said...


They have carved the Heart & Soul out of this business and ATE it.

They want more kid business, then Fire Ronald McDonald.
They want more family business, then remove playlands
They want faster D/Ts, then add to the McCafe menu and Add fresh beef.
They want higher Cash Flow, then add Labor to the Dining room to teach people how to use a Kiosk, and do table service.
They want better Operations, then let Operators grow to 20, 30, 40 & 50 Stores.
They want us to give Gold Standard everything, Yet their Communication & Technology is No Standard (total failure)
They want us to give Table Service, yet I would be happy to have people just to give Service.
They want Better Advertising, but Create an Ad Agency from 2 Old Dried Up ones.
They institute PACE in the midst of the WORST hiring scenario in Decades.
They change the Franchising rules and chase many of the best, most experienced operators out of the business
They promise to NEVER use VOICE scores in Franchising evaluations, then do anyway.
They force costs on to the Operators P&L by reneging on their promise to fully fund Archways
They allow a clearly bigoted CEO to continue insulting minorities as long as he keeps the stock price artificially high.

Anonymous said...

I started this list several years ago. I’m glad to see my fellows Operators are adding to it after my retirement.

One comment about the NFLA, they are only ineffective because MCD has set it up that way. McD set it up as an advisory group (Only to Give advise). I assure you, I and many others were loud & proud to serve our fellow operators. However, I was told in no uncertain terms, that we were to give comments but Chris, Joe and others would do what they felt was in the best interest of the business. So after 18 months of that BS, I decided to step down and concentrate on my business and the NOA.

The Best representatives for me and the Operators will always be the NOA.

Good Luck folks, I miss the McDonald’s System I grew up in. I started 8/21/71.