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February 18, 2023

To OPNAD or not to OPNAD

We've had some recent discussions about OPNAD. This resulted in some anonymous comments expressing anonymous legal opinions. A few of these comments were just Owner/Operator mythology passed down through the ages. I'm also suspicious a few were submitted by corporate pukes, maybe from the legal department.

This might be a little confusing but I don't think we should be having legal discussions on this platform.  Too much of what McDonald's Owner/Operators think they know about their legal position is just the result of post-CoOp meeting cocktail talk. Or it might be an echo from something a corporate person said once upon a time.

At any rate, I don't want those echoes bouncing around here. What appears here isn't legal advice so please don't offer such.

OPNAD's a good example. Corporate has kept control of OPNAD for half a century with politics and heavy-handed intimidation. 

Feel free to discuss OPNAD but as a voluntary advertising fund, not as an ongoing legal obligation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

had a meeting with an OA earlier this week

he said - the RGR fail rate is 15%

also cleanliness is the biggest issue & in the back or be house

no one wants to fail - not making an excuse - kitchen & stock room cleanliness although not passing
does not affect guest service & food quality

QUESTION - how many MCD offices are 100% open?

they want us to be open but ????

Last - have not seen any comments concerning the MCOPCO sexual law suit that was settled for
50 million in Florida

ASSUME there will be a lot of thoughts on this

MCD sends their goons to verify us - while they fail the visits

I asked OA about Florida - he said - I do not know to much about it & even if i did I would not give
an opinion besides the case has already be settled - so that is old news