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February 24, 2023

NOA - A Hot Topic of Discussion

We received a comment about NOA and it got such a swift reaction that it deserves its own page,

First came a long reaction from someone who I suspect is a founding member of NOA.

That's posted HERE and at the top of our home page.

Plus we got several other comments that are duplicated below.

Here's the original comment:

"I’d like to join the NOA but talking to a couple other operators that are members, I never hear anything productive that the NOA is doing. I’ve never experienced a corporate employee discourage me personally from joining but I really thought that the NOA didn’t exist anymore after Blake left. I 100% agree we need an advocacy group other than the NFLA representing us but since I never hear anything about the NOA I think it’s a waste of money."

Then followed:

"Anonymous said...

To the above----READ and LEARN >>>>>

"Anonymous said...The NOA will not waiver as your advocacy organization, your voice of truth. We are committed to you, our members, and to the hundreds of thousands of employees that serve millions of guests each day. We will collaborate with our elected Owner leadership to determine ways to positively impact the System for the benefit of our restaurant teams, our customers, the brand and ultimately, our shareholders. The NOA was never just about our founders. It has always been about you. We are reimagined with an aggressive agenda to assist all owners, and WE ARE HERE TO STAY. Our brightest days are yet to be."

Anonymous"Anonymous said...

The future vision for the NOA is broken down in to 5 areas,
1. Advocacy
a. The NOA will be regarded as the Umbrella Advocacy Body. We represent and advocate for every owner/operator.
b. We will provide a mechanism for Owner/operators to confidentially register their concerns, grievances and inappropriate conduct aired against them by McDonald’s
2. Leadership Development
a. The NOA will become the Leadership Development mechanism of the Owner/Operator body.
b. Peers and advisors providing seminars on business acumen, how to successfully operate a McDonald’s restaurant and how to navigate the political landscape in McDonald’s
3. Next Generation Guidance
a. The NOA will provide education and guidance for Next Generation applicants and Owner/Operators.
b. Peers and advisors assisting in navigating the next gen and spousal program, elevating their McDonald’s financial IQ and learning the important wealth transfer concepts in the everchanging tax and legislative environment
4. Registered Applicant Support
a. The NOA will act as the Orientation and Welcome committee for Register Applicants.
b. Assisting them with essential resources, advisors and insights so that they can be successful, engaged and positive contributors to the owner/operator community and the system.
5. Legislative Activism
a. The NOA will have a Political Agenda.
b. We will work with strategists, lobbyists and legislators to develop grass roots tactics to support our owner/operator franchisees.
c. Our first agenda item is going to be to support our Operators in California who are in the fight of their lives to defeat AB 257.

Every owner/operator will feel and benefit from our advocacy efforts and our strategy. We have expanded our Board of Directors to be even more inclusive. We are growing our membership base now at an incredible pace….and we have a place and role for EVERY Owner/Operator. Our strength is in our alignment, our unity, and numbers. I encourage you to join us, on our journey together.

Join - National Owners Association"

"Anonymous said...

Waste of money????? It's fifty-five cents a day!!! Your crew wastes 200-300 times that in wasted food EVERY DAY!! It's cheap insurance!

Frankly, with your attitude, I seriously question your judgment (or motivation)"

"Anonymous said...

First and foremost, NOA is here to stay. The NOA is NOT closing down. It is NOT going to be muted. Rather, the NOA is reinventing itself. The NOA is the voice of the operator, for the operator and the system. A body that prioritized owner/operators and system advocacy. We are reinvigorated with new life, new ideas and renewed passion.
Many Owners have expressed concern that McDonald's is discouraging them from joining the NOA. Consequently, they are fearful that if they participate, McDonald's might leverage this action against them, their organization or their children. David Bear had a written exchange with Joe Erlinger and Chris Kempczinski and wants to share Joe's exact words with you on this subject...(a quote from the exchange):
"Franchisees remain free to join and participate in the NOA." he goes on to say, "If there are specific instances where you believe that is not the case, we ask you to discuss those situations with us.”
That's exactly what David and the NOA Board intend to do. As a trade association, we have laws in place to protect our rights of association and we will leverage those protections whenever necessary."


Anonymous said...

To the commenter who claims they dont know what the NOA has accomplished in its short 4+ years of existence kindly go to the NOA homepage for a complete time line of its MANY accomplishments. And by the way, if it wasnt for the NOA, we would have paid Rent and Service Fees On the PPP money to McDonalds. I dont know about you, but that savings alone could pay my NOA membership for 750 YEARS!!

Anonymous said...

The NOA was never about Blake Casper. The rumor that when Casper left the NOA folded was started by McD themselves because they know and fear that operator unity is a impediment to their greed and overreaches. I actually heard the Denver FO. say that the NOA was gone! PURE LIES AND EVIL INTENT.

Anonymous said...

You pay millions of dollars per year to McDonalds , yet you cant spare a measly $200 a year to represent YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS? STINKIN THINKING

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you arent a NOA member, you have only yourself to blame when mac craps all over you! Do you like being a lemming and accepting R&S fees on deliveries? Archways fees? Tech fees? PACE? Sole sourcing? New Franchise Rules? WAKE UP or be lead to your slaughter.

Anonymous said...

I PITY the “operator” (if they are one) who thinks 200 bucks a year to protect their own best interests is a “waste of money”. Foolish, myopic and just plain dumb.

Anonymous said...

$200 is a waste of your money? On a average volume ($3mm) store it works out to be .0000667 per cent of sales. My oh my you must have a great P&L to think that is a waste! NONE OF US IS AS STRONG AS ALL OF US.