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February 10, 2023

Andy McKenna Dies at 93

Chicago Tribune reports on the longest-serving McDonald's director

With the exception of a few Owner/Operators, Andrew was the last living link to the founders of McDonald's.  To every other director or employee of McDonald's Corporation Ray Kroc and Fred Turner are just names on a wall.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out if Operators feel that McDonald's has become a better system over the last 20 years(the way Ray/Fred set it up) since McKenna joined the Board. There sure could have been some improvement in top management selection.

Richard Adams said...

As I understand the history McKenna was very involved in decisions made during the Cantalupo/Bell/Skinner era and had a hand in dealing with the related turmoil.

By the time Easterbrook came to the U.S. Andrew was "Chairman Emeritus" and other board members handled the decision-making.

You mention "top management selection". I don't think there was much to select from. It appears (and I've never heard a good argument against this theory) that Eaterbook's plan was to bring Chris K. in for the short term to downsize the corporation and the Owner/Operator community. And, to load the Operators up with debt with programs like BBV2020.

Mr. K would perform his hatchet man role for a few years and then leave the company. Easterbrook would stay on as CEO for a decade or so.

But they did such a good job downsizing the old-timers in the management ranks that when Easterbrook had to be let go they had no good choices for the CEO job.

So Mr. K was the last man standing, or we've labeled him many times, the Accidental CEO.

It's my humble opinion that Andrew McKenna had little to do with these more recent selections and if he did, he did not have any good options.

Anonymous said...

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