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February 2, 2023

ESG - The Basics

A five-minute video on the evils of Environmental, Social, and Governance


Anonymous said...

ESG Involves Costs

Some Argue That ESG & Social Responsibility Negatively Impacts An Organization’s Financial Performance

Whether Or Not ESG & Responsible Investment Helps Protect And/Or Maximize Investment Portfolio Returns Is Debated By many, & There May Be Limitations In Some Countries

At This Point In Time, Most Investors should Not Consider ESG Before Investing

ESG Systems, Standards, Compliance, Reporting, & Ratings Are Not Uniform Yet In All Places

Some (many)ESG-Linked Products May Not Have The Desired Impact That Some Sustainability Advocates Want Them To

Some Suggest That Some ESG-Linked Products Could Be Susceptible To ‘Greenwashing’ Or Misleading Claims

Some Argue That External Groups With Authority Or Influence In ESG, Should Not Be Interfering With An Organization’s Autonomy, Free Markets, Or The Economy As A Whole

Anonymous said...

ESG funds may carry higher-than-average expense ratios. According to Morningstar’s U.S. Fund Fee study, average expense ratios for ESG funds stood at 61% compared to 41% for traditional assets. And they often reflect radical points of view.