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January 3, 2022

An Extensive Anonymous New Year's Comment

"I am writing to you as a multi decade Licensee of the McDonalds System. The reason I am writing this is to express my utter frustration with the current Senior Leadership Team at McDonalds. At a time when government dictated extreme mandates exist, staffing shortages are rampant, supply issues dominate the news, unions are knocking at our door, and in the midst of a global pandemic, McDonalds upper management team has totally ignored our attempts to address the current untenable situations." ...

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Richard Adams said...

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Anonymous said...

The extensive anonymous New Year's comment was stated professionally and accurately. Will someone please send this to Wall Street and news media. The only way to get the Board and Upper Management to stop this harassment is to have the stock price feel our pain.

Anonymous said...

Sadly nothing will change with leadership long as the stock is doing well as they are, of course, doing a good job, according to the analysts! Your job as a corporate executive is secure unless you start dating a subordinate.

McDonald's being part of the DOW gets that momentum as they get money from indexed funds etc. support and even from people who probably hate McDonald's. One day the market will turn the price will drop; McDonald's will struggle, hard to turn a company so large the low stock price and results and income will be blamed on operations, and we'll have more oversight than we have now. Chris K and his group of friends will be long gone living off their previous bloated salaries and stock options turned in. They will probably write the remaining off as a loss.