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January 22, 2022

Expansion of McPlant

Please stop calling this a "test". It's a done deal. There are too many direct and indirect connections between McDonald's Corp. and Beyond Meat not to think this is inevitable. 

People moving from major suppliers like Tyson to manage the McPlant program? How many other line employees have moved back and forth between McDonald's and Beyond Meat?

Beyond Meat (BYND) shares are doing poorly and they need to fool their shareholders into thinking a national rollout with McDonald's will move millions of pounds of product through their system.

It won't, but by then the original speculators in fake meat will be gone with their profits. All driven by McDonald's Owner/Operators funding an OPNAD campaign. McDonald's advertising dollars used to spike the price of another company's share price. Who-da-thunk it.

Nation's Restaurant News reports HERE


Anonymous said...

Dunkin couldn't sell it. They dumped their Beyond Meat products last year after spending million$ in ad dollars.

Anonymous said...

Surely the UK results could give an indication of sales? Or is the US market too different?
The McDonald's McPlant was initially launched in 10 Coventry restaurants in September 2021. Wider rollout came soon after, with 250 locations offering the burger. As of January 5, 2022, every McDonald's will have the vegan option available.

Richard Adams said...

I don't have any hard data, but I can speculate.

A percentage of the people wanting plant base foods to become more prevalent are not interested in buying such foods. They just believe that the animal protein business should be eliminated. Beef is the greatest offender, but pork comes in second and poultry third.
They want those segments of the food chain - gone, out of business. And if the restaurant business disappears along with it, that's fine too.

Europeans lead the world in believing climate change propaganda and it impacts their lifestyle and spending far more than those of us in the USA.

It's reasonable to assume that sales of fake meat in Europe would be far greater than in the USA. So no, I don't think McDonald's Owners should pay any attention to fake meat numbers coming out of Europe.

Unless Owners believe they should spend their precious advertising dollars convincing Americans that fake meat, justified by fake science, should displace the animal protein industry.

Richard Adams said...

I think my above comment is proven out by the fact that (according to press reports) McDonald's fake meat in Europe will be prepared as "vegan" whereas the tests in the USA have not been claimed to be vegan. That tells me there are far more fanatical vegans in Europe, less in the USA.
You don't want fussy, whinny, better-than-thou vegans in your restaurants - or in your homes.

Anonymous said...

There is zero chance that a person who will not eat meat will give MCD a penny of their money no matter how many fake products that they offer. MCD kills more cows than any other company on the planet. Thats how they see it. Why would they pay MCD for a salad to give even a penny of profit?