Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 28, 2021

Understanding the McDonald's Customer


A new top job at McDonald’s that is all about understanding the customer 


Anonymous said...

How about paying attention to those employees and franchisees in the restaurants serving them. Not a new science in McDonald's, but understandable to those in charge with no historical understanding of the brand.

Sometimes, going back to the successful basic concept is the reset the system needs.

Good Food, Good Folks and Good Service.

Anonymous said...

Those days are gone, when the Brand was about its service to its customer.

Its all about stock options, positioning and valuations.

McDonald's has become everything RAY KROC and FRED TURNER stood against. Its why other QSR brands are building and growing on the values McDonald's once owned and perfected.

Who's left in the McDonald's System that understands that philosophy? As long as stock valuations increased, minds will never change. As long as operators hold 90% of the revenue generation and 100% of the debt - its a win/win for the corporates shell game.

But there is always a time when the Margin Call comes, or the stock adjustment sends things into a tizzy. It has always been the franchisee that pulled the brand through the fire - just like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will there be enough braintrust left with the respected values to do it again?