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November 28, 2021

Starbucks Unionization Efforts Going Venti

The effort to unionize Starbucks  jumped from Buffalo, N.Y., to Mesa, Ariz


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the PEOPLE BRAND STANDARDS efforts led by McDonald's? Who needs unions when the corporate offices are pushing fully into JOINT EMPLOYER agreements; employee inspections and franchise agreement changes that eliminate independent franchisee statuses for graded employee programs.

Who's the idiots leading this charge?

Do they NOT understand what it means to be a INDEPENDENT franchisee / employer.

What kind of image do these idiots have of their fellow owner/operators to think no one is obeying the FLSA, OSHA, ADA and other laws? It seems the newer generations are walking open arms into becoming McOpCo Managers. Do they honestly think their profitability will be the same - when MCD soon decides what a fair wage for owner / operators should be?

Do you honestly think it will be comparable to Chris K's wages?

NOA, NFLA, OPNAD? Hello, is anyone thinking the long term implications - or is it a full court press to destroy the franchisee system?

Anonymous said...

McDonald's Corporation has openly come out stating that the mission at the restaurant is CREW focused - and the customer be demanded. The entire history of McDonald's has evolved around the CUSTOMER - until the release of the new PEOPLE refocusing merely on the employee.

The new 3-legged stool: CORPORATE, SUPPLIERS and CREW. Franchisees are there merely to mitigate operating cost for the corporation. Owner / Operators can either accept the demotion, or expect to be treated less than a valued member of the "team".

Welcome to being a CREW member - expect the new uniform in the mail shortly.

Sadly, you'd be surprised how many "independent franchisees" seem willing and waiting for such a moment to arrive. This isn't a JOINT EMPLOYER scheme - its a rewriting of the franchise agreement to undermine the franchisee system altogether.

You'll hear it simply incorporates what exist today; and that truly is the initial content in the new framework. However, it is the framework that is concerning! As the content in that frame shifts very easily. If ROIP has taught the system anything, is McDonald's doesn't invent tools like a screwdriver to "tweet" adjustments. It builds HAMMERS to pound, and AXES to grind and tear down.

Watch the rope you weave - it may one day be used against you.

Yeah, I know - it would never happen. Said the many whom are no longer part of the system.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, your service fees are paying the salaries of the insane people putting these programs together!! NOA help please!

Anonymous said...

Any owner who does not take advantage of the NOA's "Protect Your People" program is myopic and will suffer the consequences of Unionization. They get Starbucks and we will be next.

FYI - McD will not even dare to address this since it would strengthen the Joint Employer case against corp

Anonymous said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid

UNIONS are a cancer to McD

Anonymous said...